These are the career stories of diverse individuals working in a variety of careers. Watch or read about what inspired them to pursue their career, what they were like growing up, what they love most about their career and more!

Roshan Yoganathan went from playing with homemade volcanoes and other science experiments to helping develop medical devices the size of a grain of rice.  A passion for science and healthcare led Roshan to a career as a biomedical scientist. Working on the cutting edge of technology means a scientist has to be on the move. Roshan’s career has taken him around the globe; starting out in his hometown of Toronto, Roshan relocated to the Australian shore, then Los Angeles, and recently to his current home in San Francisco. As he works on developing devices designed to help people living with… Read more
Misty Espinoza
Misty Espinoza is the Vice President of Communications of Entertainment Industry Foundation, (EIF), a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry that harnesses the collective power of the entire industry to raise awareness and funds for critical health, educational and social issues in order to make a positive impact in our community and throughout the nation. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she moved to California to major in Communications at Stanford University. Misty used her degree and love for entertainment to pave a road for success- one which lead to working with… Read more
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Intrigued by sound even as a child, James LeBrecht knew from the start what field he belonged to. As a high schooler and a college student, James was greatly interested in theater, and used his talents with audio to become the lead sound designer for several theatrical performances. After college he took his talents another step forward by opening Berkeley Sound Artists where he records, edits, and mixes the audio for television, film, and games. Tell me your story - where do you come from in the world of Audio? I grew up back on the east coast, just North of New York city. I had a reel to… Read more
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Brendan Reville
“Every roadblock is a chance to learn, and I’m constantly learning.” Brendan Reville has had a productive 20 years. From ideating and working on the X-Box live feed at Microsoft, to being a vital team developer at, the world's leading computer science education site, Reville has made wide-reaching impacts on the world through his work as a software engineer. Before starting his professional career Reville earned his degree in computer science at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Later relocating to Seattle, WA to work at Microsoft, Reville is still based out of the city… Read more
Computer & Information Technology
Aurora Diaz
“One of my biggest motivators is setting a pipeline for women, specifically minorities, letting them know that the tech field is booming and we need to be apart of it.” Born and raised in Richmond, CA, Aurora Diaz grew up in a humble household where she would soon become the first person in her family to pursue a higher education. Growing up, she was very outspoken and outgoing which played towards her advantage as she spearheaded her marketing career. Guided by her personal interest in beauty, Aurora is currently the Marketing Development Specialist for Musely, a free beauty and lifestyle… Read more
Jennifer Rudin
Jen had aspirations as a child actor with a photographic memory starting as early as eight years old and eventually found a passion for casting. She interned with casting directors while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she graduated with a BA in History and Women’s Studies in 1994. She began working full-time in casting in 2000, and over the next 17 years has had a storied career working as a casting associate for Susan Shopmaker Casting where she helped cast Verizon’s “Can You Hear Me Now” campaign, working as a casting director for The Walt Disney Company and running… Read more
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