These are the career stories of diverse individuals working in a variety of careers. Watch or read about what inspired them to pursue their career, what they were like growing up, what they love most about their career and more!

Alicia Cho
“Keep on being curious, keep on wanting to learn and to hone your craft, because the learning never ends.” Alicia Cho is a self-taught freelance food photographer based in Los Angeles and operating through her very own, Alicia Cho Photography. Coming from an educational background in Finance studies, through her own initiative and industriousness Alicia has successfully shaped a career which marries her natural talent for storytelling with an extremely relatable passion for food! Five years of experience working in Film and TV production as a 2nd Assistant Director on hit shows such as The… Read more
Architecture, Art & Design
Katherine and Paul
Growing up, Katherine Hernandez Miller stopped in Hot Topic stores to browse their CD selection and get music recommendations from the staff. Now, Katherine has gone from being a customer at the music and pop culture retail chain to working for them as the company’s social media manager. Overseeing the brand’s social media platforms, Katherine spends her time brainstorming creative and fun ways to engage with and grow Hot Topic and its sister stores’ online following. Using apps like Snapchat and Instagram, Katherine is the woman behind the posts Hot Topic fans like and share. Describe a… Read more
Entertainment, Media & Sports
Juan large headshot
Juan Sebastian Vasquez immigrated from Colombia to South Florida when he was about 10 years old. He attended the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising, Specialization in Business. For about a year after graduation, Vasquez worked as an account executive at an advertising agency called On Ideas before moving out to California. He arrived in Los Angeles in November, 2012 and began working as a digital outreach director and field organizer for Emanuel Pleitez’s 2013 Los Angeles Mayoral campaign. Then, for two years he worked for the tech company… Read more
Government, Non-Profit & Public Service
Sofiya Kukharenko is an Industrial and Systems Engineer at SKF USA, Inc., based in Georgia. She moved to the United States from Ukraine at the age of 2. From an early age, Sofiya seized every opportunity she could within the education system to become the second person in her family to graduate from an American college (after her older sister), and to achieve success in a male-dominated career. Sofiya graduated from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology which she attended on a full-ride HOPE scholarship. Georgia Tech is ranked first in the world by US News & World Report for… Read more
Lisa Andrews
“School counseling is have the power to completely change  the trajectory of a child’s life.”  Lisa Andrews is a school counselor working in the Pomona Unified School District in California. Throughout her career, Ms. Andrews has dedicated herself to servicing the most vulnerable of our society by empowering them to change  for the better. As a growing leader in the field of school counseling, Ms. Andrews has been invited to speak at conferences and multiple school counseling training programs. She is especially passionate about pushing boundaries and questioning current… Read more
Chrissi Hernandez
Chrissi Hernandez is a creative director and travel blogger living and  working in Los Angeles, CA. Her younger, illustrator self started out designing bohemian prints for Scanty, a small loungewear company. For the last six years she has been sharpening her digital skills, art directing for thredUP and Sephora in foggy San Francisco and freelancing for smaller companies in sunny southern California. When she's not designing, she's traveling across the globe. Chrissi is passionate about exploring, whether that means visiting a new city or country (Croatia is a recent favorite), or discovering… Read more
Architecture, Art & Design