These are the career stories of diverse individuals working in a variety of careers. Watch or read about what inspired them to pursue their career, what they were like growing up, what they love most about their career and more!

Marcela Denniston
Marcela Denniston is the Vice President of Field Engineering at ShieldX Networks; a San Francisco-based company that focuses on protecting organizations against cyber threats. Marcela’s cyber security career began at Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU), where she joined their U.S. Navy program immediately out of high school. Marcela worked in the Navy for seven years, then moved into the commercial sector. She said cyber security is about protecting information systems and networks connected to the internet, including computers, servers, cell phones and vehicles. What kind of people thrive in… Read more
Computer & Information Technology
Claudia Salazar
Gladeo League reporter Katelyn Torres interviews Claudia Salazar about her job as Head of Asset Management. Claudia shares her story on how she made the leap from file clerk to an asset manager!
Real Estate
Susan Vash
Actor Tim Jo interviews Susan Vash, a casting director in LA, known for casting several TV shows which include Me, Myself and I, Pitch, The Neighbors, Happy Endings and many more. Watch to see how she became a casting director and advice to any aspiring casting directors out there! 
Entertainment, Media & Sports
Karla Sayles Gladeo on the Go
Gladeo League reporter Katelyn Torres interviews Karla Sayles about her job as Director of Public Affairs at Warner Bros. Entertainment. 
Government, Non-Profit & Public Service
Janay Coplon E! Networks
Gladeo League reporter Courtney Tate interviews Janay from E! Networks Busy Tonight. She shares with us how she got into the business, how she climbed the ladder and shares wise words with future producers out there! 
Entertainment, Media & Sports
Jason Ray
Jason Ray is a Senior Producer at Vive Studios, a software publishing subsidiary of Taiwanese smartphone company HTC that is known for its virtual reality headset and connections with Valve’s digital video game distribution platform Steam. Ray received degrees in Economics and Microbiology from San Jose State University in 1992 while working as a Quality Assurance Manager and Associate Producer for Strategic Simulations Inc., a company that notably developed games based on the Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40,000 universes for systems including the MS-DOS, Commodore 64, Nintendo… Read more
Entertainment, Media & Sports