These are the career stories of diverse individuals working in a variety of careers. Watch or read about what inspired them to pursue their career, what they were like growing up, what they love most about their career and more!

Jasmin Guzman Nurse Gladeo
Jasmin Guzman grew up in Menlo Park, California and graduated from San Francisco State University. She is Latina and is proud of being a nurse. Jasmin genuinely loves her job and seeing her patients smile melts her heart and it reminds her that it was all worth it. She is currently working at Mills-Peninsula Hospital, Burlingame and she has been there since she was 22 years old. She first started off as a medical assistant and then as a registered nurse. She has been a nurse for about 6 years now.   What do you love most about your job? What I love most about my job is the… Read More
Ismael Villarreal
Ismael Villarreal is a design engineer for AdelWiggins Group, a small aerospace company based out of Commerce, CA.  AdelWiggins Group produces custom-designed products for fuel distribution systems, such as hoses, clamps and connectors.  They primarily sell their products to Boeing and Airbus, but also work with manufacturers like Embraer in Brazil and Leonardo in Italy. Villarreal, who has been at the company for about a year, works on mechanical components either by adjusting existing designs or creating brand new products. Because AdelWiggins is a smaller company, he… Read More
Claudia Salazar
Gladeo League reporter Katelyn Torres interviews Claudia Salazar about her job as Head of Asset Management. Claudia shares her story on how she made the leap from file clerk to an asset manager!
Alexxis Jackson Director of Photography
Alexxiss Jackson grew up in Detroit, Michigan and graduated with a duel Bachelor of Arts in Film/Video Studies and English from the University of Michigan. As a Director of Photography, she heads the camera, lighting and grip departments on a variety of productions, including films, commercials and music videos — which she also directs. Among her responsibilities are aspects of production like camera movement, camera angles, lighting, setting up shots and working with the Director to tell a story visually. Her work has been recognized at least 20 times from a number of… Read More
Media Planner Dentsu Aegis Network
Gladeo League reporter Katelyn Torres interviews Asha, Ralph, and Garrett about their career as media planners at Carat USA (Dentsu Aegis Network). Watch and learn! 
Aileen Ngo Vet Tech Gladeo
Gladeo reporter, Katelyn Torres, interviews Aileen about her career as a vet tech and shares how she got to where she is now.