Meet Sadie, Marketing

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headshot sadieFull Name: Sadie Dorf 
Title: Marketing Associate, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 

I graduate from the University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, with a focus on digital studies. I am experienced in Digital Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the Digital and Social Media industry.

Share your career story. 
My career, juxtaposed to many of my senior colleagues, is exploratory. I graduated college only 2 years ago, putting my career at its begging path. The experimental phase of being in your early twenties means taking risks, personally and professionally, to find your interests, passions and importantly desires in the workforce. This means discovering what “work” and “career” mean in the context of your individualized journey. My career, while projected in my mind (I hope) as successful and steady, at this moment is new and fresh, open for growth and development. I would describe my career as focused on gaining the skills to be my best self and apply those skills to my future with URW being an absolutely amazing place to foster my career’s journey.

What do you love most about your job? What are its biggest challenges?
You’re only as good as your team. It’s a simple lesson that requires quick understanding to really love the work you do. The people I work with are smart and strong and I love that they enable their strengths in me and my work. I love that there is a hunger to try new approaches and take risks, with those choices supported by my colleagues. What comes with a strong team is finding yourself and your voice in that environment; at a company as large as mine, it is challenging to feel your impact at a larger scope. It’s a struggle to apply the work you and your teammates do and feel other company employees experiencing the effort you put in. With that, a strong team supports you on a micro level leaving the majority of work and hard tasks, even small ones, being praised when deserved and admired if admirable.

sadie hikingHow did you gain entry into the industry? What was your big break?
My entry into this industry was done on a risk. In 2019 when I interviewed for my current role, I left the conversation with my now supervisor feeling discouraged, underqualified and under skilled for the work expected. My disappointment in myself and fear that I would not find a role suitable for me was heartbreaking. I was stuck and sad, internalizing my lack of skill as undeserving. A friend encouraged me to challenge myself and apply my work ethic to the skills I felt needed development. After a few days of worrying I would not get the job, I signed up for online courses to help widen my skillset. I reached out the recruiter who was assigned my case and communicated that after reflecting on my interview I recognize my lack of skill for the role but wanted to acknowledge the steps I took after the interview to grow. I sent an email laying out development courses I registered for and that if accepted I would apply myself every day to do the work and learn the skills. 5 hours later the recruiter called me with a job offer and I am currently in that offered role extremely proud and happy.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?
Cooking and food are my passions. I spend free time on blogs and recipe development sites seeking inspiration for what to cook next. I host a tri-weekly dinner pop-up series called fEATuring where I use my love of cooking and apply it to social justice education and exploration. Gathered outside, I invite friends and peers to experience food and flavors from underrepresented countries and cultures to discuss the roots of that cuisine and the region’s history using food as a medium.

Do you have any words of advice? 
Go the extra mile. Taking initiative, even if you aren’t the perfect candidate for something shows dedication, passion and grit. In the workplace, character counts.