GladeoX: our project-based learning program


GladeoX is our project-based learning “program in a box” for school and youth development non-profit partners.

Students interview employees from local industries on video, learning more about the industry or specific careers, and employers come in direct contact with future employees, many of which come from underrepresented groups. From teaching students to produce videos, create content, and do marketing outreach, GladeoX also helps school teams build community partnerships with local and regional industries. Students gain real-world, relevant learning experiences that engage them in both self-discovery and skills acquisition and employers have direct access to students who are explicitly curious about what they do. Through GladeoX, we connect the dots. 

The GladeoX program builds upon the inspirational model of TEDx, a branded program of the hugely popular TED franchise. The student-produced GladeoX videos will live on which will inspire and educate youth on our platform to careers that are in their local community. 

GladeoX brings high energy and excitement to school and non-profit partners as a vehicle for engaging students in learning while engaging with the local community.