Corporate Partnership

Your Company will be on our portal, dedicated to helping students learn about different careers and industries. If your organization is committed to building a true coaching and learning platform, early identification of talent is paramount. It is mission critical to have a robust recruiting engine with diverse sources of talent available on demand. This is made possible by partnering with Gladeo to inspire, expose and educate the next generation workforce! 


Gladeo offers four levels of corporate partnership:



Benefit: Company will have a basic Company page:

- About Us

- Website

- Headquarters

- Year Founded

- Company Type

- Company Size

- Upload pictures


Sponsorship Amount: Free



Benefits: Featured logos on Company list page and Industry page relevant to your company (+ Basic benefits)

How this will be represented:

- Company logo will be showcased (FEATURED) underneath relevant Industry and Companies List page


Sponsorship Amount: $225 monthly, $99 for non-profits



Benefits: Leadership Spotlight (+ Bronze, Basic benefits)

Your Company can spotlight past and current diverse talent on the rise – those that have made historical strides in your organizations or are making history today! “Seeing is believing” – if I can envision the success of another, it paves my journey ahead for new unrealized possibilities.

How this will be represented:

- 3 Spotlights: These will be tagged to relevant career and be showcased on that career profile as well as on your Company page 

Sponsorship Amount: $500 monthly, $250 non-profits



Benefits:  Your company can feature internship and job postings to our users. (+ Silver, Bronze, Basic benefits)

How this will be represented:

- Post jobs/internships tagged to relevant career (5 postings/month)

- Post career readiness videos: Your HR executives on camera teaching students how to interview at your company, how to dress for an interview...etc.


Sponsorship Amount: $750-1000 monthly, $350 for non-profits



Benefits: Featured Gladeo partner focused on inspiring the future workforce, sponsorship banner on Industry pages, Career Profiles page, Career videos. (+ Gold, Silver, Bronze, Basic benefits)

How this will be represented on the portal

- Inspirational career video featuring cinematic personal experience documentaries from real interviews with members from your company.

- Company banner on relevant career profiles and industries. 


Sponsorship Amount: Varies. 


To discuss a partnership, please e-mail